Want to make yourself more marketable? Prepare for promotion opportunities? Or a career change?

At Oklahoma Wesleyan University, we’re here to help!

Whether it’s a bachelor’s program or a master’s degree from our local Oklahoma graduate school, take the next step in your professional life with an education from OKWU.

In our adult-friendly location-based program, you’ll attend one night a week with other adults seeking the same thing—to complete a college degree. You will likely attend with the same students in the same classroom through the entire program.

Among the very best regional colleges for working adults – OKWU offers a wide variety of degree programs to help you achieve your goals. Our faculty are outstanding in their fields (ranked top in the nation four times in the last five years). And, as you can tell from our mission365体育备用网址, we are a Wesleyan graduate school and undergraduate university unapologetically committed to our faith.

If you’re looking locally for the right undergraduate or adult graduate program in Oklahoma to fit your life and your faith, you’ll find it at OKWU.

On-Campus & Online

One class at a time

365体育备用网址Feeling anxious about returning to college? This is normal. As an adult, the whole college process, including graduate studies programs, can seem a bit overwhelming just thinking about how to juggle work, family, and college. We understand and we are here to help!

Reduce your stress

365体育备用网址At OKWU we work to take the anxiety out of perusing adult bachelor and master degrees in Oklahoma.  We have made the steps simple; register once for all of your core classes for all of your terms. We provide academic advisors that will walk you through the entire process of your degree program.


Students enrolled in location based programs will attend one night a week with other adults seeking the same thing—to complete a college degree. You will likely attend with the same students in the same classroom throughout the entire program. Students enrolling in online adult and graduate studies degree programs will attend with other adult students asynchronously, anywhere you have internet access. Work from home, the coffee shop, while on a business trip or even if deployed as an active duty military service member.


Whether you’re comparing adult bachelor degrees in Oklahoma or online programs anywhere, OKWU is affordable. All it takes is one look at the costs related to attending nine hours for traditional campus credit hours versus the OKWU on campus degree model to quickly see the cost advantage of attending OKWU over the long term. In addition, many colleges have inflated their online tuition rate over what they charge for location-based programs. Our tuition is the exact same for both online and on location. OKWU continues to be committed to keeping costs for our students down. We have received rankings from both Forbes and US News for Best Value several times in recent years. No set login times.


User Friendly

  • Simple online application
  • Continue to work full-time
  • Take one course at a time
  • Locked-in tuition*
  • Financial aid available
  • In-state tuition for all
* Tuition is locked-in for core courses at the time of enrollment. Some exceptions apply.

Partnering For Success

All of our degree completion programs are designed for the full-time working adult. We desire to see you complete your Associate, Bachelor or Master degree. We have been teaching adults for over 20 years.

OKWU’s yearly retention rate for all adult programs is 84%, which is nearly 30% above the national average.